United Delivery Service Offers Visibility Through Technology!

UDS offers a complete chain of custody and visibility through the use of technology. We capture data each step as packages move through our network. Using the most advanced courier technologies, UDS provides real-time tracking and a suite of online tools, monitors and reports to get the answers you want and the results you need.

Fast & Easy Integration
With over 40 years of industry experience, the choice to design our own proprietary software was clear. The ability to quickly integrate to various systems and respond to the diverse needs of our customers was a necessity. The use of proprietary software has allowed UDS to easily adapt to the specific needs of our clients and the growing technological needs of the industry.

Advanced Courier Technologies
Continual development means that we can offer our customers the most advanced technology available. We are able to utilize technologies such as GPS and cameras/imaging to help pinpoint your deliveries and provide visual proof of delivery and attempts.

Through the use of modern courier technologies such as geocodes, GPS, mapping APIs and other technologies, UDS can offer total visibility into the delivery process.

  • real-time tracking (imported, received, out for delivery, delivered)
  • exception tracking (i.e.: damaged, short, delayed)
  • electronic signatures, VPOD, VPOA (visual proof of attempt)
  • GPS Technology

UDS ensures, through proper data preparation, and later, through careful data collection that each package is delivered to the proper location, on time and that you are notified as soon as the delivery is complete.


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