United Delivery Service at Parcel Forum 2014!


This year marks the 12th annual PARCEL Forum conference with over 500 parcel shipping, logistics and distribution / warehousing professionals expected to be in attendance. The conference features seven tracks covering the entire small-shipment supply chain with over 100 exhibiting companies promoting their services aimed at helping expedite the movement of parcel-sized packages throughout the supply chain and to their final destinations.

In today’s transportation landscape, technology is a vital factor in determining whether a delivery company can meet their customer’s needs. UDS offers a complete chain of custody and visibility through the use of technology. We capture data each step as packages move through our network. Using the most advanced courier technologies, UDS provides real-time tracking and a suite of online tools, monitors and reports to get the answers you want and the results you need. With over 40 years of industry experience, the choice to design our own proprietary software was clear. The ability to quickly integrate to various systems and respond to the diverse needs of our customers was a necessity. The use of proprietary software has allowed UDS to easily adapt to the specific needs of our clients and the growing technological needs of the industry.

The upcoming holiday peak season is one topic sure to be on the minds of many in attendance at this year’s conference. Show attendees should stop by Booth 433 to learn more about our Same Day Routed Delivery Service as well as how UDS utilizes emerging technologies to help lower your costs.  For more information please visit http://www.uniteddeliveryservice.com


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