It’s time to see what United Delivery Service has to offer!


We use the advanced courier technology: UDS has developed proprietary software that allows for fast, seamless integration to your management system.

We offer personalized service: with 24/7/365 customer service, your customers will always be our top priority. Courtesy call for undeliverable attempts and delivery notices that can be tracked online are just some of our standard personalized services!

We ship faster: Later processing times and flexible services mean UDS can offer faster shipping then national carriers. Our dense, integrated Next Day routing system sets us apart from other regional carriers.

We give you complete visibly to every delivery: UDS offers real-time on-line tracking. We capture Visual Proof of Delivery (VPOD), Visual Proof of Attempt (VPOA) and GPS so customers can be certain where the driver and packages were at the time of delivery/attempt.

We strive to partner with progressive companies and to provide a high level delivery solution that will meet or exceed your customers’ highest expectations. UDS has tailored its solutions to specific industry requirements, ranging from pharmaceutical to floral and Residential to B2B. Our operation, as well as our software, can scale to handle the needs of small and large businesses alike.

Go ahead and compare us to your current delivery service and will see for yourself how we stack up.
Pickup & Delivery Services in 6 state! Call us today at 630-930-5201 or visit us at http://www.uniteddeliveryservice.com


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