What makes a shipping company great?


When most people think of package or parcel delivery, the first thing that comes to mind is the large national/international carriers like Fed Ex, UPS and even the Post Office … these are the companies that spend millions, even billions on advertising every year. Smaller delivery companies operate lighter and are able to pass the savings along to their customers. Sometimes it’s the little things that make a delivery company great like their above and beyond style of customer service or the vast array of services they offer.

Do you use overnight couriers for local deliveries?

Many businesses do, and they mistakenly assume that they will receive a lower price than sending the same package via a same-day courier. You might be surprised to learn that same-day courier services like United Delivery Service delivers to the Midwest at lower than the national companies charge for next day service.

What is “The Chain of Custody” and why it is so critical to the success of any delivery service

The “chain of custody” is simply the number of people and organizations that will handle or touch your package or parcel from the time it leaves your hands, until its final destination. And as you can imagine, the smaller the “chain of custody” the less likely you’ll experience a problem with your delivery. Some larger companies may have as many as 20 chain of custody before it gets to its ultimate destination. Don’t you wonder how packages ever get delivered on time and in tact.

Additional things to consider when choosing a Delivery Service

  • Do they have clean, well identified vehicles
  • Clean and well identified drivers
  • Do you understand all costs?
  • Are there hidden costs, like fuel surcharges, vehicle charges, unloading charges, weight charges etc?

With so many choices in delivery companies make sure you do your research in the end it can save you both time and money.  The experts at UDS are standing by ready to answer questions on how they can improve your business and lower your shipping costs call us today! (630) 930-5201


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