UDS Provides Premier Delivery Service Solutions for Top Tier Payroll Companies


For over 40 years, UDS has provided premier delivery service solutions for top tier payroll companies. Accuracy, on-time delivery, real-time tracking and superior customer service are integral to our Payroll Solutions. Our staff of uniformed drivers are professional and trained to efficiently and securely manage your deliveries.

Payroll companies count on United Delivery Service for secure, tightly-controlled delivery solutions. UDS has your customers’ best interests in mind.

Our innovative solutions include:

  • Real-time tracking from our website (and other options)
  • On-Time delivery (ability to adhere to time commitments during route optimization)
  • “Wrong Address” warning at point of delivery
  • Smooth implementation of value added services or on-demand orders, including quarterlies and tax documents
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • GPS, Electronic Signature, VPOD & VPOA provide accurate accountability
  • Report and Analysis tools to ensure results meet or exceed your customers’ needs



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