Consumers have grown to expect instant gratification in the form of Same Day Delivery!


Our generation has become the generation of instant gratification. We have unfortunately become accustomed to how readily available everything we need is to us. Today, we can’t even handle brief intermissions in the acquisition of something without becoming antsy. Technology has played a big role in instilling this into our minds, but this pervasive, negative mindset can haunt our society for generations.

We have not only become a society that wants instant gratification, but we actually expect it, as if it is a divine given right. Technological advances have made this possible and have given us the short fuse we all have when things go wrong.

The battle for same-day delivery has already begun.  Same-delivery starts with the network; network design plays a very important role in speed of ful- fillment. Once a retailer has identified the geogra- phies where it wants to offer same-day delivery, the next step is to create a fast, flexible and finan- cially viable network. Retailers should implement one or a combination of the following strategies for designing a same-day network that is fast, flexible and financially viable.

Nearly 24% of online customers believe that same-day shipping is important. 


The last mile — getting the product to the customer — is the most important factor in executing same-day delivery. Traditionally, brick- and-mortar retail customers have taken care of this task themselves by purchasing products in physical stores. Until recently, e-tailers were con- strained by in-house pick-and-pack and carrier- delivery schedules. The rules are different for same-day delivery; retailers have to cover the last mile of delivery and, as a result, be able to ship products in small volumes, at frequent intervals and at odd times.

In today’s hyper-competitive retail environment, consumer demands have never been higher. Same-day delivery will be a critical component for competing with brick-and-mortar retailers and differentiating from pure-play e-tailers. Early adopters will have the advantage of experience, so the time to act is now! Contact United Delivery Service today! http://www.uniteddeliveryservice.com


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