Do slow on-line sales have you singing’ the summertime blues?


If you sell online chances are you could be feeling the summer blues. Summer is traditionally a slow time of year for many online retailers. Research shows online shopping activity is lowest in July. The news is not much better in August, when order size and gross sales are traditionally the lowest of the year.

Here are 4 ideas to turn summer shoppers into buyers:

1.  Offer Free Shipping on peak summer shopping days

There is no doubt free shipping is a perk more shoppers are looking for and expecting. In the first quarter of this year, nearly 60 percent of shoppers received free shipping. To sway customers your way when they are online, consider offering free shipping on the peak shopping days of the summer, typically the middle of the week.

2. Deal Sites

If you have an online store, a great way to drive traffic and sell more is offering a deal or flash sale on a deal site. You may not be ready for the big guys, Living Social and Groupon, but there are several smaller but reputable deal sites to help drive traffic to your online store.

3. Help your customers celebrate fun summer holidays they may not know about !

We’re always looking for a way to celebrate something that touches us in a personal way. Check out these lesser known holidays. If you have a product that fits, let your customers know. Highlight products that could make the perfect gift for these unique holidays.


    • Social Wellness Month
    • Family Reunion Month
    • Global Forgiveness Day – July 7
    • World Population Day – July 11
    • Cheer up the Lonely Day – July 11
    • Geek Day – July 13
    • Ice Cream Day – July 15
    • Get out of the Doghouse Day – 3rd Monday
    • Freedom Appreciation Week – 2nd week
    • National Ice Cream Month


    • National Smile Month
    • Simplify Your Life Week – 2nd week
    • Watermelon Day – August 3
    • Happiness Happens Day – August 8
    • Book Lovers Day – August 9
    • International Youth Day – August 12
    • Kiss and Make up Day – August 25

4. Market your home page with a summer theme and summer products

If you offer products that are more  popular in the summer, highlight them on your home page along with summer themed graphics and colors. Shoppers are in the mood for summer, let them know that you are too! A summer theme let’s shoppers know you are in tune with their needs. Don’t think you sell any summer-type products? Think outside the box. Simple things like car parts, what is more likely to break down in the summer? Selling DVD’s? What are some beach or vacation-themed summer favorites? Jewelry bead supplier? Why not feature some of your brighter, summer or beach-themed products?

While summer months can be a challenge for some online sellers, think of it as a perfect time to try something new and different to attract buyers. Test different ideas and re-use what works best – for any time of the year!


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