Thinking of switching to a regional carrier?

Are you weighing the benefits of using a regional carrier to handle your small packages but are unsure about making the change?  Now more than ever regional carriers offer a choice that’s economical, reliable, flexible and personalized. Optimizing your package shipping can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be when you trust a regional provider. Did you know accessorial fees often make up 1/3 of all UPS & FedEx costs?  Boxes_Stacked_Isolated

By transitioning a percentage of volume to regional carriers you may be able to eliminate fees common to UPS and FedEx such as Saturday delivery, additional handling service, residential delivery fees, delivery area surcharges, and large package surcharges. UDS leverages their network of regional based partnerships to reduce shipping costs and lower accessorial charges through client collaboration.

When it comes to delivering a personalized service, regional carriers offer mare than customers may expect.  UDS understands their customers’ needs and are focused on providing quick response times that offer a seamless and integrated experience. Because regional shippers can offer lower rates, flexible services and fewer surcharges, they can help you remain competitive and cost-effective without the trade-off in quality of service.

The biggest challenge in shifting to regional carriers is making a flexible, cost-effective transition without removing the transparency or volume that would negatively affect your overall cost structure.  Carefully analyzing your current shipping profile will play a critical role in the transition and management of Regional Carriers as part of your overall strategy.

There are many factors that you currently have in place that could determine whether or not regional carriers are the right choice for you and your customers.  In addition to comparing regionals vs. nationals, be sure to compare regionals vs. regionals; there may be service or cost factors that could make a carrier more valuable to you.  The good news is that all the initial “dirty work” to make the determination could yield significant both short and long-term operational and financial benefits for your company. When considering a regional carrier look to United Delivery Service to offer you exceptional customer service  and save you money! http://www.uniteddeliveryservice.com Contact Us at 630.930.5201



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