What are the Secrets to Building a World-Class Sales Team?


So what is the secret to building a world-class sales team? According to Entrepreneur, while different leaders may tout different approaches, the best way to attract and retain a talented group of salespeople involves five crucial steps:

1. Strike the proper balance between inside and field sales.

Over the last decade, the purchasing decision process has dramatically changed. Information is now more readily accessible and available to buyers, and technological and interpersonal shifts have made it easier to make a purchase without face-to-face interactions.

2. Reward great sales performance.

It’s obvious that good sales people expect to get paid well. What may be less obvious is that a good sales compensation plan isn’t generous in every way. The best salespeople will be attracted by a plan that has a moderate base salary and no commission caps.

3. Ensure quotas are aggressive but realistic.

A quota should always be a reach but never a stretch. Outlandish stretches on quotas will quickly lead to discontent. Salespeople are naturally competitive and the first order of competition is to establish themselves as above average. Reaching quota, in a salesperson’s mind, is the equivalent of getting an “average” ranking.

4. Create a culture that celebrates sales success.

Nothing is more discouraging than being part of a team that doesn’t acknowledge success. High-performing salespeople, like anyone else, want recognition for their efforts. It could be as basic as ringing a bell to announce that they’ve closed a major deal or something more involved, such as quarterly contests and congratulatory events.

5. Wear the company’s competitiveness with pride.

Talented salespeople are competitive at heart. They’re in sales because they love to win. Fostering this competitive spirit in a constructive manner can make the difference between a good sales team and a great one.

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