Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming!

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Black Friday and Cyber Monday are coming!

Retailers beware. Last year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday saw double digit growth. Expect even more growth this year. Whether you’ve been preparing for the holiday shopping season all year long or are throwing together a last minute strategy, we’ve got you covered with 10 Last Minute ecommerce marketing Tips for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

 #1: Proof Read Emails Thoroughly

Email is the most direct channel to your customers and your emails will be a huge factor in driving shoppers to your site. Be sure to proof read all of your emails to make sure you’re relaying the right message to your customers. You also want to test all links within the emails so you can guarantee that people will be directed to your site and specific holiday sale landing pages. Lastly, check your email compatibility with multiple devices. Tablet and mobile shopping continues to become more prevalent so be sure to appeal to shoppers on all platforms.

#2: Send Emails Before and During

According to Monetate, 46% of shoppers hear about the best deals via emails direct from the retailer making your email campaigns that much more important in increasing your onsite traffic. Everyone’s inbox is going to get a barrage of emails from various online retailers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and your emails could get lost in the crowd. For this reason, I recommend sending emails leading up to the big sales days. Your subscribers will be looking for deals in advance so hit them with promotional newsletters space out through November. Email subscribers on Black Friday and Cyber Monday to put your sales on display and capture last minute shoppers and impulse buyers.

#3: Create Black Friday and Cyber Monday Promotional Campaigns

This one’s a no brainer. Black Friday and Cyber Monday are specifically for retailer promotions and discounts. You have to advertise your discounts and other promotions on your site. But now you have a great tool to organize all of your holiday promotions in one place. Present your promotions to shoppers through pop ups and tabs onsite with Justuno. Create a special Black Friday design and run different kinds of promotions on different pages. For example, offer 40% off of purchase on your homepage and offer free shipping to shoppers on the checkout page. Justuno also enables you to capitalize on your traffic for future retargeting by requiring shoppers to enter their email address,  become a social fan, or share via social media in order to receive a promo code. You can convert sales while preparing for next year’s email and social media marketing campaigns!

#4: Be ready for Increased Traffic and Customer Service Requests

On these big shopping holidays, you’re guaranteed to see increased traffic. Make sure your site can handle your expected traffic and be ready for a ton of customer service questions. It’s going to be crazy so prepare! Staff your employees as necessary, turn on livechat, man the phones, and anticipate what shoppers may be asking about. Customer service can make or break a sale and it is imperative in acquiring repeat customers. With increased traffic, don’t miss out on this monster opportunity to grow your customer base!

#5: Exit Intent Pop Up Offers

Retailers face a bunch of competition during Black Friday and Cyber Monday and sometimes it’s difficult to keep shoppers on your site. Target these leaving visitors with exit intent offers that present your promotion to visitors that are about to leave your site. Create a specific exit intent promotion to catch the eyes of visitors and drive them back on your site with a great promotional offer. Since many retailers will be offering big discounts, think about going a different route. More than half of Black Friday and Cyber Monday shoppers expect free shipping on every order so free shipping is a great way to meet the expectations of shoppers and can get you more conversions.


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