The UDS Team to Attend RILA 2016

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.36.35 PM

If you plan on attending this year’s RILA conference plan to stop by our booth and talk with Dave, Kristen or Ron about how UDS can save you money on shipping costs.  Regional Carriers like UDS offer many advantages to retailers that the national carriers cannot or will not provide. Among these are lower delivery costs, innovation and flexibility, personalized service and fewer accessorial charges.

Whether you are an e-retailer seeking to get products to your customers as quickly and cost-effectively as possible, or a brick and mortar retailer considering the competitive advantages of in-store order fulfilment and same day delivery, we have the network, technical resources and customer support to get you there… fast!

We offer solutions that give you the competitive edge in the marketplace:

  • Real-time Package Tracking and Reporting
  • Extended Pick Up Times and Emergency Flexibility for Critical Pull Times
  • Residential know-how for gated communities, doorman deliveries and leasing offices
  • Flexible pricing models
  • Scalable fleet to meet seasonal spikes

Real-time Integration

We provide real-time integration with your internal customer service platforms, order entry software, and ERP to provide back-end track and trace functionality. We support a range of information transfer protocols to ensure smooth, rapid transfer of manifest and delivery information including EDI and XML.

Your Benefits:

  • Later pull times
  • Flexible delivery network
  • Shortened delivery times
  • Delivery seven days a week
  • Residential delivery from experts
  • One day footprint reaching large segments
  • Same day service in metro markets
  • Full visibility into the last mile of your supply chain for you and your customers
  • Central customer service
  • Same Day, Next Day, Scheduled / Static Route solutions

RILA’s educational and networking events are widely recognized for providing world-class forums for sharing ideas and expertise among peers and industry experts. Attending these events provides access to the latest industry information and unmatched networking opportunities.  


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