Holiday Season

Are You Ready for The Holiday Season?

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Oh yes, Christmas time is coming closer.

For most shoppers it means searching for gifts they eventually will buy in the last possible moment. For eCommerce and retailers, it means more inquiries, more sales, increased traffic and a hectic time of year.   Relax, there’s still plenty of time to prepare everything.

Holiday season is often the most profitable time of the year for online businesses: “Not only the last quarter of the year see increases to the number of orders but the average order sizes also tends to be much bigger as well. In fact, some retailers make up to 40% of their yearly revenue in the last quarter alone.”

Here are some tips to prepare your online store and your employees for this busy time.

1. Consider more liberal ordering and returning policies

For your ecommerce store, sales is the most important part of the holiday season, so you need to think some things through. First, consider the ways customers can order from your store. Some stores offer more liberal policies when it comes to ordering and returning items during holiday shopping season.

2. Think about the payment methods

Holiday shopping season is a great time to consider additional payment options for your ecommerce store.

Do you think your store would benefit from maybe adding PayPal as another option? There are many customers who prefer this kind of payment method. It’s nice and profitable to meet their expectation. This small change could lead to a nice boost in your conversion rate.

3. Prepare your website for heavy traffic

You should check if your website is up to speed and if it can handle heavier traffic. You can also look at your analytical data from last year to anticipate web traffic.

4. Make sure consumers can shop from a variety of devices

These days most transactions now take place on multiple devices, with smartphones and tablets leading the way.

Cross–device shopping is increasingly popular among consumers who might find an item on one device, research it on another and then buy it on a third. Now, people shop everywhere: while they’re at home, on a train, in a coffee shop or at work. And each time they use different devices.

5. Stock up on best sellers and make them visible

Your homepage is the prime location, so use it to present engaging graphics with promotions for your best products. Make them visible for all customers.

Remember, if you sell a lot of these during the regular season, you can bet they will disappear quickly from the stock before Christmas.

6. Step up your Customer Service

During Holiday season you will have increased traffic on your website and more inquiries from your customers, not only on chat. You should be able to help customers through all communication channels like social media, live chat and email.

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