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Real Time Visibility with VPOD


Real Time Package Visibility through the use of our own proprietary technology such as geocodes, GPS, mapping API’s and other technologies, UDS can offer total visibility into the delivery process.  The importance of proof of delivery in the shipping business cannot be understated.  As an owner or operator of a small business, the benefits of proof of delivery are invaluable.  UDS offers innovative technology,  seamless integration proprietary software with real time tracking barcode scanning VPOD / VPOA GPS / GEO Coded Load Balance & Optimization.  Real-Time Tracking (imported, received, out for delivery, delivered) exception tracking (i.e.: damaged, short, delayed) electronic signatures, VPOD, VPOA (visual proof of attempt) GPS reading.

United Delivery Service provides expertise that can deliver competitive advantages for your company through our proprietary software technology.

Visual Proof Of Delivery (VPOD) & Visual Proof Of Attempt (VPOA) With online ordering growing by record numbers, UDS continues to be an innovator in technology and providing delivery assurance to its customers. Company drivers take photos of the packages when they are delivered to residences and are viewable by your customer service team. Visual Proof Of Delivery (VPOD) or Visual Proof Of Attempt (VPOA) technology is a unique advantage for both the shipper and recipient.     Call Customer Service: 630-930-5201

Business Tips, Delivery Service

5 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Should Ship with UDS!

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Your business is growing and your shipping needs are changing. There is allot to consider when choosing a shipping company that is right for your business.  Let United Delivery Service give you 5 reasons they are worth considering.

Meeting Diverse Needs

We strive to partner with progressive companies and to provide a high level delivery solution that will meet or exceed your customers’ highest expectations. UDS has tailored its solutions to specific industry requirements, ranging from pharmaceutical to floral and Residential to B2B. Our operation, as well as our software, can scale to handle the needs of small and large businesses alike.

Knowledgable & Responsive Staff

From Customer Service Representatives to Warehouse Personnel to Drivers, UDS understands that our staff is not only a reflection of our company, but also of yours. Through training, monitoring and audits, we continually strive to ensure that our staff is providing the best service possible. We have processes in place to ensure that staff is notified of any changes to regulations or customer SOP. We maintain a standard of excellence in our people, technology and service.

Flexible Solutions

At UDS, we chose to build our own technology, allowing us to quickly adapt to the growing technological needs of the industry. This allows for flexibility and responsiveness during integrations.More importantly, we can continually offer our customers the most advanced technology available, such as GPS and imaging technology and other integral tools to help pinpoint your deliveries. These technologies bring you total visibility into the delivery process.

Our services have been designed to offer flexibility as well. A single service may not suit the needs of every customer. Our Same Day, Next Day and Customized Routed services offer flexible options. Our services may be customized or combined to offer a complete shipping solution for your company.


Real Time Package Visibility Through the use of our own proprietary technology such as geocodes, GPS, mapping API’s and other technologies, UDS can offer total visibility into the delivery process. Innovative Technology Seamless Integration Proprietary Software Real Time Tracking Barcode Scanning VPOD / VPOA GPS / GEO Coded Load Balance & Optimization.Real-Time Tracking (imported, received, out for delivery, delivered) exception tracking (i.e. damaged, short, delayed) electronic signatures, VPOD, VPOA (visual proof of attempt) GPS reading.

Delivery Solutions

UDS has developed successful delivery solutions for various key industries over the past forty years. Together we can find a solutions that will work right for your company.

We offer options ranging from overnight delivery to customized routing solutions: Real-time package tracking and reporting, 24/7/365 customer support personnel, electronic signature capture, GPS, VPOD, VPOA, same day, next day, scheduled /static route solutions & transportation service solutions throughout the midwest.

United Delivery Service makes deliveries happen faster for businesses and consumers. We’ve developed a Midwest network positioned to enhance the speed and flexibility of last-mile delivery. We help consumers get products more quickly while lowering the cost of distribution for the businesses they buy from. Contact Us at





Business Tips, Delivery Service

Saving Money on Shipping Costs!

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 1.11.44 PMShipping merchandise can be one of the most complicated operations for any business. Poor or no planning can result in owners overpaying, as well as losing sales if the company can’t provide consistent and cost-effective delivery to customers.

For businesses that don’t often send larger shipments of several pallets at a time or can’t afford to hire a logistics provider to manage its shipping services, developing a set of guidelines can be essential.

Have a minimum purchase value for free shipping

Offer free shipping with a minimum purchase order value. Avoid offering free shipping with a minimum number of purchased items because in that case, the customer may buy low-priced items just to qualify for free shipping. That does not quite bring you a lot of money.  According to the surveying firm Comscore, 75% of online shoppers in Canada tend to buy additional stuff, even if unnecessary, to attain the stipulated minimum purchase limit and qualify for free shipping.

Negotiate with carriers for better rates

That is common sense, isn’t it? Lower shipping rates will mean higher profitability. You might be a great negotiator, but from the carriers’ perspective, they need good incentives to offer you lower rates — incentives that make sound business sense to them. Commit to give higher shipping volumes to carriers and they might be happy to give you lower rates. And it would not be a bad idea to include inbound shipping to the assignment list of the carriers.

Use reward points from business debit and credit cards

Ecommerce retailers usually make payments for bulk product purchases with their business debit and credit cards. Over time, the ecommerce retailer earns huge reward points for the purchases made, usually in the form of Visa or MasterCard gift cards. You can easily utilize these gift cards to pay for shipping charges, provided your carrier accepts the cards. In most cases, most carriers do.

Adjust product price based on product cube value

Carriers’ shipping rates usually depend on the space your product is occupying on the shipping vehicle, other than on the product weight. So, you may be losing some money on shipping large but lightweight items. Items such as a large box of pillows may be lightweight but occupy a lot of space on the shipping vehicle. So, you should smartly price especially the potentially large but lightweight items so that you do not lose money on shipping.

Know where you’re shipping

If you primarily ship to one specific region, a regional carrier like United Delivery Services, may be your best bet. Regional carriers often provide lower rates than national shipping carrieres because they cover a small geographic area. United Delivery Service began in the Chicago Metro area more than 40 years ago. They quickly recognized that many of thier  clients needed service outside the area for their Residential and B2B solutions. They added On Demand, Route Distribution, and customized routing services to expand their reach across the Midwest. As a Midwest Regional Carrier, UDS provides customers with cost savings, flexibility and personalized service that national carriers can’t match.

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UDS Keeps the Focus on Customer Service with Real Time Tracking!


Keeping the focus on customers has always been a priority. For years, business leaders have touted the virtues of a high customer-service orientation as a means to retain customers, grow market share, and ultimately increase revenue. And while it’s never been easy to accomplish – whether you’re a distributor, retailer or a logistics service provider – today it’s even more challenging.

One service we like to extend to our customers is VPOD/VPOA(Visual Proof of Delivery/Visual Proof of Attempt).  The importance of proof of delivery in the shipping business cannot be understated. Currently, many proof of delivery and chain of custody processes are largely paper-based, increasing the risk of mistakes, disputes, and lost or misplaced shipments.

Whether you need B2B or Residential delivery solutions, United Delivery Service is ready to partner with you to service your customers. Our United Delivery Service programs have been designed and developed over many years to cater to a wide range of shipping needs. Should the occasion arise, our software and services are flexible enough to respond and adapt quickly to meet any customer’s needs.

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Real Time Package Visibility

 Through the use of our own proprietary technology such as geocodes, GPS, mapping API’s and other technologies, UDS can offer total visibility into the delivery process. Innovative Technology Seamless Integration Proprietary Software Real Time Tracking Barcode Scanning VPOD / VPOA GPS / GEO Coded Load Balance & Optimization.Real-Time Tracking (imported, received, out for delivery, delivered) exception tracking (i.e.: damaged, short, delayed) electronic signatures, VPOD, VPOA (visual proof of attempt) GPS reading.

United Delivery Service provides expertise that can deliver competitive advantages for your company through our proprietary software technology. Call us today 630-930-5201.

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Ecommerce Trends to Watch for 2017

united-delivery-service-ecommerce-delivery-service_630-675-0855Ecommerce is constantly updating with improved discovery, technology, logistics, and cool things to buy. Here are predictions for e-commerce in 2017.




1. Sales associates aren’t winning popularity contests.More than 55 percent of consumers say they prefer interacting with technology or automation over speaking to a real live person when shopping.

2. The cost of shipping matters.While customers say they’ll be willing to spend more to ship items faster, they hesitate to purchase. More than 80 percent of Amazon users admit — secretly or not — slow shipping dissuades them from buying. The secret is 88 percent of shoppers want free shipping.

3. Consumers want technology while shipping. Usage-wise, mobile coupons are used less than 60 percent of the time, while in-store geolocation sees 22 percent usage and push notifications receive 34 percent.

4. Technology follows. Customers say that in-store tracking with mobile push notifications doesn’t bother them. In fact, more than 70 percent say they’d willingly accept them.

5. Content is king. Nearly 90 percent of shoppers say detailed product content is important to them. They want to be informed and be able to make informed decisions.

6. Buy online, pick up in-store is happening … more. Two out of three consumers say they’ve already tried it using a mobile device. With more people having smartphones and retailers going mobile, this trend isn’t slowing.

7. Stars in their eyes — matter. More than 90 percent of consumers buying on Amazon say they will opt out of buying an item if it doesn’t have at least — yes, at least — three stars.

8. Chatbots are happening, and consumers don’t mind. According to [24]7, more than 40 percent of customers are perfectly happy chatting with a bot regarding a retail-related experience. (And in case you need more chatbot news, check out PYMNTS’ weekly Chatbot Tracker.)

9. Mobile payment and loyalty apps. Customers are still gaining on loyalty, with only 44 percent of retailers engaging with customers through a loyalty app. Mobile payments are on the rise as smartphone users get used to the magic of contactless payments. Starbucks was an innovator in mobile payments, becoming one of the first to trial it. And now, their mobile app (currently US only) is an unqualified success.

10. Increasing same day delivery. Drone delivery might still be a pipe dream, but 2017 should see the rise of local drop-off points for online orders and same-day delivery. A Forrester report states that 29% of consumers would be willing to pay extra for same-day delivery.

Making platforms more accessible, easy to browse and pay and addressing customer concerns and pain points as soon as possible, all these are going to play crucial roles in the ecommerce business in 2017.

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Sticking With Your Goals Once and For All!


Want to achieve your 2017 goals? Yes, that’s right your goals, not resolutions!

There’s a difference between New Year’s Resolutions and goals. Goals imply that you are more committed to it. The word sounds stronger for some reason. But even still, many people go around thinking or talking about their goals, but they still don’t follow through.

So let’s talk about why it’s good to set goals and review some tips for sticking with them.

First, goals give you a map. Let’s say you wanted to take a road trip out to Orlando. Well, what would happen if you just hopped in your car without your GPS, a map, or the directions from Mapquest? Well, you’d probably wander aimlessly for quite a while…maybe forever. Having a plan will ensure that you actually get there. Otherwise it’s like saying “I really  hope I get there someday. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t.” But with a goal, you are making more of a commitment – it’s like a contract between you and yourself. And it will help you hold yourself accountable. So here are some tips to keep in mind when you are setting your own goals:


1. Set SMART goals.

The most critical component of sticking to a resolution is setting it. SMART is an acronym for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Time-bound. For instance, “I want to lose weight” is not a goal — “I want to lose 10 pounds by March” is more specific, measurable and incorporates a deadline.

2. Write down your goals.

This will force you to clarify what you want and motivate you to take action. A study from the Dominican University of California found that people who wrote down their goals, shared this information with a friend, and sent weekly updates to them were on average 33 percent more successful in accomplishing their stated goals than those who merely formulated goals on their own.

3. Take notes when you give in to an addictive behavior.

Try to maintain an open, non-judgmental attitude by being an insightful and attentive “witness” to your actions. This will help you identify your triggers so you will be more aware of the emotions attached to the behavior. A willingness to looking at the “why” behind your actions will provide insight and assist you in conquering the habit.

4. No goal can be met without motivation.

Take time to define why you want to lose weight, mend a relationship or cut down on alcohol. Write down your reasons for changing the habit or behavior, and then create recurring reminders in the form of notes — placed on the bathroom mirror, in your car, or on the fridge. Alternatively, you can create calendar events or a voicemail recording to remind you of why you want to initiate the change.

5. Block out time.

Lack of time can serve as a perpetual excuse for us all. In order to realistically set yourself up for success you have to determine how much time you will need to devote to attaining your goal and schedule it on your calendar each week so you aren’t tempted to double-book.

6. Know your weaknesses.

Identify your triggers. Try to determine what throws you off course. Does stress provoke you to have a drink or to smoke? Do you binge eat at lunch if you skip breakfast? Take a good look at your behavior and identify what causes you to slip up — then find ways to prevent self-sabotage.

7. Don’t do it alone.

Find someone you trust and ask them to support you through the process, making you more accountable.

8. Try mindful meditation and breathing techniques.

Meditation and becoming more mindful can help reveal why cravings and addictive behaviors arise and may allow you to make changes with more ease.

9. Reward yourself.

Celebrate your successes (with something that’s good for you) for sticking to your new, healthier behaviors.

10. Surround yourself with like-minded people.

Try to spend more time with those who share the same aspirations and long-term objectives. Seek out others who are intent on making positive changes in their own lives — and encourage you to do the same.


Change is never easy — especially changing old habits. It can be done, but only with proper planning and consistent follow-through. Good luck with all of your accomplishments… you can do it!

Holiday Season

Are you ready for the holiday selling season?

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Important Dates for eCommerce:

  • Thanksgiving (US), 24 November 2016
  • Black Friday, 25 November 2016
  • Cyber Monday, 28 November 2016
  • Christmas Day, 25 December 2016
  • Boxing Day, 26 December 2016
  • New Year’s Day, 1 January 2017

With consumers beginning their shopping  early, it’s important that you also begin preparing your online store’s holiday marketing strategy well in advance. If you’re a bit behind on this planning, fear not. There are plenty of ways in which you can make up for lost time and get your holiday marketing efforts in place. Here are some of our top tips and advice for making this season successful for your eCommerce store:

1. Offer Customers Amazing Deals

The competition is tough for online marketers during the holiday season. If you want to drive traffic to your eCommerce store and increase your sales, it’s critical that you meet your customer’s high expectations this year. Your competition will no doubt be offering some big discounts, and it’s up to you to provide value to your customers this year. Consider offering them a discount on one of your best-selling items to make them feel valued and special this year.

2. Optimize Your Holiday Email Campaign

There is a lot of revenue at stake with your holiday email marketing campaign. In fact, we found in a recent study of holiday marketing efforts from 2015 that revenue from email marketing accounted for 76% of all holiday revenue. Unfortunately, your competition knows the importance of email as well and is also increasing the frequency and personalization of their emails.

To make your own holiday email campaign stand out, you should be thinking of enticing subject lines that will convince your customers to open your emails. Coming up with these subject lines early will allow you to test them before deployment to find out which ones will work best. In addition to promotions and sales, don’t forget to create amazing gift guides to boost your holiday sales!

3. Get your shipping and fulfillment in order. With the Saturday before Christmas (typically a huge shopping day) falling on Christmas Eve this year, consumers will be even more time-crunched than usual. The weekend before Christmas (December 17-18) will take on greater importance for small ecommerce retailers who can’t offer same-day shipping. Use email and social media marketing to alert customers about this year’s unusual holiday calendar, have shipping deadlines prominently displayed on your ecommerce website, and plan how you will handle rush shipping.

4. Get Your Website Ready

Successful holiday campaigns will result in large amounts of traffic. The last thing that eCommerce merchants want is for their website to have an outage. Testing your website to ensure that it can handle these spikes in traffic is critical if you don’t want your customers to become frustrated and give up on the sale. Have a plan in place for these jumps in traffic and a backup system as well.

5. Get Ready for Mobile

In 2015, smartphones and tablets played a significant role during the holidays, with mobile commerce accounting for 18 percent of total online sales in November and December—up 13 percent from the previous year. With consumer spending now fully revolving around mobile devices, it’s critical that your eCommerce site is mobile-friendly.

To improve your customer’s mobile shopping experience, make sure that your site’s mobile-friendly version uses larger text so that users can read it clearly, and that it uses whitespace around your links so that customers don’t click on something else by accident. You can also improve their mobile experience by streamlining the payment process for simple checkout. Give them several different options for payment methods, and don’t make them give tons of information in order to complete a purchase.